Realistic Wood Sculptures By Peter Demetz With Incredible Details!

Italian artist Peter Demetz has an incredible talent to create hand-carved realistic wooden sculptures of people. His sculptures of people are flawlessly life-like.

The sculptures, which vary in size from about 20 inches to nearly 50 inches tall, feature men, women, and children standing still against a plain, sometimes-colored background.

Demetz has perfect mastery of human anatomy and it helps make his sculptures seem like paintings or drawings. He pays much attention to detail and works on it deeply.

“No eye contact is ever established with the observer as if these figures were trapped in their own world, where they seem to be aware of being observed”, writes Woodworking Network.
“The subjects are caught in very singular poses, the men, often bald, strong and big as for the artist these features depict masculinity. The women are accurately represented to the finest detail, accessories, hair, and clothing which show strong femininity.”

Enjoy some of his elegant artworks!