Artist Creates Mini Village With Amazing Details

Artist Ognyan Stefanov, who is actually a photographer, created a mini village with amazing details. He spent more than two years creating it. The mini village is 1/87th scale and represents a utopian village. Handcrafted tiny houses are popular recently, and Stefanov’s is one of them. It’s a pleasure seeing this detailed and remarkable artwork.

Skyville is Stefanov’s first, original creation and represents a utopian village on a 1/87th scale

mini village

It’s a natural space, perched high in the sky

mini villag

Skyville is the perfect combination of cutting-edge architecture, fantasy art, and futuristic design on a small scale

Large trees surround a hilly meadow at the base

mini villag

A tall, winding, and jagged truss extends up to the village

The village is highlighted by a large main house

mini villag

Colorful flower beds with extending green vines fill window boxes

Each building and space is intricately designed to work together to carry the eye throughout the piece and provide a sense of discovery and wonder

mini villag

The interiors of each building are highly detailed

Each figure in Skyville is placed with a strategic purpose

mini villag

A system of water drainage pipes meanders throughout the structure

Skyville was mostly built from scratch

mini villag