15 Winter Photos That Make Our Teeth Chatter

When the toilet broke in winter

quirky winter photos

Snowman and snowmobile

quirky winter photosnemotes

A little snow came down!

quirky winter photosMaamalam

That’s how unplanned ice rinks appear.

quirky winter photosaspire2dance

I simply forgot to close the window.

quirky winter photosdarthrotor

When your husband is a real joker:

quirky winter photosbodsquad

“Find your car” game

quirky winter photosiamvegetarian

At least the children liked the icicles!

quirky winter photosMymbaka

Snow always knows how to get inside a house.

quirky winter photosobeyzare69 

I wanted to go to work, but something went wrong.

quirky winter photos

When you decided to surf in winter:

quirky winter photosmml0616 

When your thirst for knowledge is stronger than frost:

quirky winter photosCrAcKtHeSkY3

A walk through the yard…

It is a sword that turned into a big icicle.

quirky winter photosTheChubbyDragon 

A frozen waterfall

quirky winter photosBrzS

Yes, this is snow.

quirky winter photosXingua92

Giant Snow Sculptures Displayed At World’s Largest Winter Fair In China

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