Pura Ulun: Temple on Lake Tamblingan

Located on Lake Tambligan, Pura Ulun is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Indonesia. The first mention of the temple comes from a 10th-century text. Being near a water source, many believe that Pura Ulun was built to worship a water deity in Hinduism.

pura ulun on lake tamblingan

Before the arrival of Islam, Hinduist beliefs dominated the Indonesian spiritual scene. Even today, Hinduism is one of the six official religions in the country. Therefore, it is possible to come across Hindu temples that date back to hundreds of years ago. Pura Ulun on Lake Tamblingan is one of these temples.

pura ulun from cross angle

The temple has a rich history and it is in really good shape considering that it is hundreds of years old. It originally belongs to the Tamblingan people who lived in Indonesia in the ancient times. These people also gave the lake in the region its name as well. The Tamblingan civilization followed Hinduism and built many temples around the lake.

pura ulun buildings

Moreover, aside from being on a lake, Pura Ulun is also unique because of its structure. In general Hindu temples have one Meru shrine, but the temple has two. While the members of the Buleleng Regency built one shrine, the villagers near the lake built the other.

pura ulun gates close up

Although Pura Ulun is on land, during rainy seasons the water level of the lake increases. As a result, a part of the temple gets submerged in water making it seem like the temple is floating above water.

pura ulun staircases
Priyadarshi Srivastava

The temple is also located on one of the highest regions in the country with an elevation level of 1200 meters. The elevation makes the area quite cold during the night but this does not stop people from visiting the place. Every year, thousands of people, worshipper or tourists, come to the temple.

the temple from above

On the other hand, due to its location, Lake Tamblingan has gained popularity among trekkers and canoers. There are a lot of tours and touristic agencies which set up tours around the area taking adventurers to experience the calm and serene nature of the lake.

the temple wall

Aside from the adventure lovers, Pura Ulun is also a popular wedding destination. Many couples have their wedding officiated near the temple or come to have their photos taken after. All in all, the temple remains an important place for Hindus and an icon of the Old Bali.

the temple exterior