Terrifying 4,600ft (1,403 meters) Glass Walkway In China

Glass Sidewalk on Tianmen Mountain!

A 100-meter-long (110 yards) glass skywalk, stretching around a cliff on Tianmen Mountain in southern China. The pathway is 1,500 meters up a mountain. The skywalk overlooks by its bottomed giant glasses, the world’s famous “Heaven’s Gate” and Tongtian Avenue, the mountain road with 99 turns. The world’s longest cable car system is also served on Tianman mountain to access its terrifying “Coiling Dragon Cliff” skywalk where situated in the highest location of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China.

The scariest terrifying glass skywalk in the world, popularly known as, “Coiling Dragon Path/cliff”

The 100-m walkway has 99 turns around the side of the sheer cliff face of Tianmen Mountain. For those immune to the terror of a vertical drop, it’s a perfect photo opp.

The walkway’s floor is made up of 2.5-inch-thick glass panels