Prepare to be Surprised with These Photos

Pyrite Cubes

Cube shape is how the mineral Pyrite is found in the nature. As you can see in the photograph they are in perfect cube shape. That is unbelievable but genuine in existence. I wonder what other shapes that we do not expect is found in the nature.


Vision Comparison

This is the vision comparison at night between a human and a cat. The upper one shows how a human sees at night and the lower one is a cat’s vision again at night. Obviously, cats can see more details at night but what about during the day?


Crazy Fish

Well, this one can be disgusting but it’s up to you. A caught fish, actually two but one is caught by the other fish not a human. The creepy thing is that the smaller one has actually eaten the bigger one. It is capable of eating targets ten times bigger than itself.


Milk Teeth and the Adult Ones

This is the skull of an infant before loosing the milk teeth. This photograph shows the upper and lower chin all of us had before getting our adult teeth. Humans are creepy, too.


Fukang Meteorite

It is a massive block of Fukang Meteorite. It looks magical, it’s what’s up there in the outer space. If the man is lucky enough it is not dangerous. We wouldn’t like to see him with a third arm!