44 Portraits Of Unique People From All Over The World

31. Jacob From Sweden

Jacob is a medical student from Sweden. He was on the way to Sudan with a group of international students.

32. Ilya From Russia

Ilya Varlamov is one of the most famous bloggers & reporters from Russia. He was preparing a video for his YouTube channel when we met. Thanks to Ilya, most of the project followers are from Russia.

33. Martina From Austria

Thanks for spreading love Martina!

34. Florencia From Argentina

people around the worldFlorencia is a forensic anthropologist. She works for the Red Cross and her last destination was Georgia.

35. Sadeem From Pakistan

Sadeem studies Global Development in the University of Copenhagen. He loves to play his guitar as a hobby.

36. Boubakar From Niger

people around the worldBoubakar is the leader of the pilgrim group. I met him on his way back to Hajj.

37. Barkinado From Senegal

Barkinado is a Senegalese painter and he has an upcoming exhibition at France La Motte-Servolex.

38. Mustapha From Morocco

Mustapha is a member of the band called Daraa Tribes. Their music is a fusion of the ancestral tribal music of the Draa Valley with the Sahara blues specific to the city of Tagounite (an oasis in the heart of the Moroccan dessert)

39. Simon Cheng From Taiwan

Photographer Simon Cheng was documenting the refugees in Slovenia. When we met, he was heading to Northern Irak where the refugees are coming from. Hope to meet him on his way back to hear his story!

40. Sophie From France

people around the worldSophie plays her guitar as a hobby. When I met her, she was waiting for her flight to Lebanon. She has chosen a good destination to learn Arabic!

41. Michele From Germany

Michele had a holiday in Phuket and was heading back to Berlin.

42. Philip Chang From South Korea

people around the worldChang with his friend arrived to Sweden. We met on their way back to Seoul.

43. Mr. Dheo From Portugal

We met with Mr. Dheo after my project was published on Portuguese newspaper. He was in Dubai and wrote me that he will transit via Istanbul. We made an appointment for the shooting session and had an excellent outcome.

44. Takeshi From Japan

people around the worldTakeshi is an architect and fashion designer from Japan. He designed his dress which was inspired by the Arabic dress called thawb.