18 Pets Who Were Bored in the House, So They Just Try To Fun

10. “I was lying on my bed when suddenly…”

pets bored at homeFelledWolf

11. “My cat is very serious about his boundaries…


12. “Should I put water on it?”


13. “I’ve altered your signal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.”

pets bored at homeWavyGlass

14. “He’s slowly pushing it all off the table while pretending to sleep.”

pets bored at homeBenisar

15. “Just came home to this and I don’t even own chickens.”

pets bored at homeKwickScopez420

16. “Hey Mom, I opened the door for you!”

pets bored at homeslg9311

17. Cats will always be cats.


18. “I was excited the birds were eating the bread I’d been leaving for them…”

pets bored at homeUnknown