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Panda Twins Born At Toronto Zoo

Recently, a panda Er Shun gave birth to two twin cubs at the Toronto Zoo and they were the first pandas to be born in Canada. The pandas were born by making use of artificial insemination and the father of the twins is a male panda called Da Mao. The twin pandas are doing fine and are little lesser than 190 and 115 grams respectively. The strangest part is that the mother panda cares more for one panda over the other. Hence, the zookeepers are planning to swap the cubs to ensure that the mother panda starts caring for both. Toronto Zoo’s management was all praises for the efforts of the scientists and the staff that were behind the birth of the pandas. The two pandas were borrowed from China at an annual rent of $1,000,000 per pair and it is paid towards the welfare of species. This contract is valid for a span of 10 years.

Panda Twins Born At Toronto Zoo

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