Dog Chained Up During Flood Gets Adopted By The Man Who Saved Her


In Fort Bend Country, Texas, a flood broke out which filled the roads and surrounding properties with water. As Sheriff Troy E. Nehls and the news crew with him travelled throughout the flood on an airboat to look for people and observe the damages, he came across a flooded home with a dog on the front porch. The flooded water came all the way up to her neck. The sheriff then decided he needed to help the dog out.


At first, he didn’t understand why the dog didn’t just swim away on his own. When he got the airboat toward the front porch, the dog would not swim toward it. That’s when he realized the dog was tied down and had no way of escaping. The reporter named Archer who was on the airboat jumped into the water and freed the dog from the porch. Then they took the dog on the boat and brought him to the Houston Human Society. The dog was given the name “Archer” after the reporter who saved him. But, the dog was going to get even more rescuing after the sheriff brought his family to the Human Society to visit Archer. After falling in love with him, they decided to adopt Archer and take him into their home. As for the original owner of the dog, outrage was directed toward him by the public after the story was released. The owner claimed he didn’t think the water would get so high.