30 Incredible Old Technologies That Look Awkward Today

There are some incredible old technologies that are hard to believe they really existed. Here are some of the most interesting retro-historical devices.

1. 300-Year-Old Library Tool That Enabled A Researcher To Have Seven Books Open At Once, Yet Conveniently Nearby (Palafoxiana Library, Puebla)

interesting old

2. 350-Year-Old Pocket Watch Carved From A Single Colombian Emerald

interesting old

3. In 1955, This Tiny Electric Narrow Gauge Train Was Installed In New York’s Holland Tunnel To Monitor Traffic Speed

interesting old

4. A British Couple Sleeps Inside A “Morrison Shelter” Used As Protection From Collapsing Homes During The WWII ‘Blitz’ Bombing Raids… March 1941

5. This Car Is A French ‘Delahaye 175s Roadster’, Introduced At The Paris Motor Show In 1949. Only One Was Ever Made. It Was Recently Sold At Auction For Around Five Million Dollars.

6. Robo-Vac, A Self-Proppeled Vacuum Cleaner Part Of Whirlpool’s Miracle Kitchen Of The Future, A Display At The 1959 American National Exhibition In Moscow, 1959

7. Philco Predicta Television From The Late 1950s

8. The World’s Oldest Surviving Diving Suit: The Old Gentleman, From 1860

9. Motorola Vice President John F. Mitchell Showing Off The Dynatac Portable Radio Telephone In New York City In 1973

interesting old

10. Kodak K-24 Camera, Used For Aerial Photography During Ww2 By The Americans