20 Of The Oldest Cats Adopted By People With The Biggest Hearts

Usually, people who adopt shelter cats are considered to be ones with the biggest hearts. However, people who adopt old-aged cats are exceptionally big-hearted and choose to shelter it even when they know that it will not survive for long. Read on to know more about awesome people who have adopted cats and you might get inspired to adopt one too! When euthanizing is to be done, the first targets are usually older cats and hence, when you adopt older cats, you would be doing your bit in giving them a new lease of life. Although they are disease-prone, they are usually trained and affectionate.

A woman of 102 years adopted this cat.

old adopted cat


Another adoption by a kind-hearted person of the oldest cat in the shelter.

old adopted catsource

A 6-year old adopted cat waits to be fed.

old adopted catsource

Another 10 year old adopted cat.

old adopted catsource

Venture, a 14 year old cat.

old adopted catsource