Enchanting Photos From the Northern Lights Photographer of the Year Contest

The shortlisted stunning photos for the Northern Lights Photographer of the Year, hosted by Capture the Atlas.

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“Heavenly Dance” by Sergey Korolev

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“The Hunt’s Reward” by Ben Maze

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“Dragon Eggs” by Roksolyana Hilevych

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“Antarctic Night” by Benjamin Eberhardt, edit by Martin Heck

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“Convergence” by Agnieszka Mrowka

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“Flames In The Sky” by Risto Leskinen

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“Turbulence” by John Weatherby

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“Aurora Eruption” by Tor-Ivar Næss

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“Natural Mystic” by Virginia Yllera

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“Hafragilsfoss Aurora” by Stefano Pellegrini

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“Gate To The North” by Filip Hrebenda

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