30 Screenshots Of Nonsense People Who Caught Spreading Lies On The Internet

The subreddit “Quit Your Bull” is dedicated to collecting nonsense examples of people spreading lies on the internet. Check out some of the screenshots below!

1. Someone Is Awfully Busy With So Many Careers!

Quit Your BullTubDumForever

2. Guy Leaves A Bad Review For A Shop He Was Never Even At

Quit Your BullMajestic_Beard

3. Don’t Need 5g When U Have The Fastest 4g In The Universe

Quit Your BullIcey96

4. Idk How Restaurants Deal With All The Anti-Masker Bs Right Now

Quit Your Bullaztnass

5. Anti Vaxxers Never Change


6. Restaurant Owner Smacks Down Bs Review


7. Local Jackass Gets Corrected


8. Faking A Dead Man’s Autograph


9. I Found This Review From A Local Haunted House Attraction. There Were Quite A Few Negative Reviews Just Because They Had To Follow Covid Guidelines


10. Vegan Lies About The Benefits Of Being Vegan. Another Vegan Calls Them Out