Watch What He Did With These Balloons After Cutting Their Tops Off

These are taking over the internet bit by bit, a fun and new toy idea for kids and teens alike.  Ninja balls are very easy to make, needing only a handful of brightly colored balloons and some flour.  You blow up a balloon and pour some flour into it, then cut off the mouth of the balloon after squishing all of the air out of it.  You should have a solid mass of flour at this stage.  Then you have to wrap the flour balloon in another cut off balloon and repeat this steps as many times as you’d like, though its recommended that you have at least three different layers.  Then you take a black balloon, cut the tip off, then fold it in half and cut a wedge out of each side, so it creates a holy balloon.  You wrap that around the flour balloon, and voila, ninja balls.

These are fun and easy to make, also a great option for party favours at a kids party, or a project to do on a rainy day.  Fun for the whole family, there’s plenty to be done with these exciting new stress balls that look an awful lot like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (source: Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”)