Winners Of The 2016 National Geographic Traveler Photo Competition


The National Geographic has recently announced their shortlist of winner’s for the best travel photographs of 2016, selecting ten amazing photographs from more than 10,000 entries. While each of the featured photographers will get invaluable recognition by simply appearing on the short-list, only one person gets to enjoy the grand prize – the journey of a lifetime with a seven-day polar bear photo safari.

Anthony Lau was the lucky winner of the grand prize, with his stunning photo ‘Winter Horseman’ helping him snap the top award. It captures an amazing moment when a single farmer is horse herding in rural Mongolia.

Take a look at the other photos as well – every single one is a worthy winner!

1. Grand Prize Winner: Winter Horseman, Inner Mongolia

national-geographic-best-travel-photos-2016-winnersAnthony Lau

2. First Place Winner, Cities: Ben Youssef, Marrakesh, Morocco

national-geographic-best-travel-photos-2016-winnersTakashi Nakagawa

3. First Place Winner, Nature: Wherever You Go, I Will Follow You, Hokkaido, Japan

national-geographic-best-travel-photos-2016-winnersHiroki Inoue

4. Honorable Mention, Cities: Divide, Manhattan, New York, United States

national-geographic-best-travel-photos-2016-winnersKathleen Dolmatch

5. Honorable Mention, Nature: Bears On A Berg, Nunavut, Canada

national-geographic-best-travel-photos-2016-winnersJohn Rollins

6. Second Place Winner, People: Rooftop Dreams, Varanasi

national-geographic-best-travel-photos-2016-winnersYasmin Mund

7. Third Place Winner, People: Remote Life At -21 Degree, Himachal Pradesh, India

national-geographic-best-travel-photos-2016-winnersMattia Passarini

8. Third Place Winner, Nature: Lagunas Baltinache (Atacama Desert), Antofagasta, Chile


Victor Lima

9. Second Place Winner, Cities: Silenced, Guangdong Sheng, China

national-geographic-best-travel-photos-2016-winnersWing Ka H.

10. Second Place Winner, Nature: Double Trapping, Brazilian Pantanal

national-geographic-best-travel-photos-2016-winnersMassimiliano Bencivenni

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