A Man Filmed Heaven For 7 Days. What He Saw Took My Breath Away.

Using a time lapse technique this photographer filmed the clear skies for seven days, and the finished product is truly breath-taking.

Filmed upon the peaks of E l Teide, which is the highest mountain found in Spain, it is a location that is a personal favourite for photographers seeking footage of the night skies and stars above.

The video really does bring a certain level of connection between a person and the planet. It truly illustrates the vastness of the galaxy, and how much of a speck we are on it. Many will struggle to find a video as mesmerising as this, and not everyone will believe their eyes when they see just how beautiful our world can be.

This is HD at is best, make sure you full screen it and enjoy the quaint music that really helps set the whole mood for the video.

Source: TSO Photography