This 50-year Old Woman Who Looks Like Her Son’s Girlfriend Tells Us About Her Secret Behind Looking Young

Liu Yelin has proved to the world that you can look young no matter how much you age! A resident of China, this woman is close to 50 and yet, people mistake her to be her 22-year-old son’s girlfriend.

She has a superbly toned body and has no signs of wrinkles, making her roll eyeballs. She usually gets mobbed by strangers whenever she goes out shopping and people learn about her actual age.

The only secret behind her young looks is the constant exercising since the past 30 years.

She swims and does weight training every day. Liu is an excellent swimmer and has swum across the Yangtse River in China and across the Han River in South Korea.

It was only last year that she swam 7.45 miles in a matter of 4 hours, swimming all the way from Penang, Malaysia to the Strait of Malacca.

In the popular social media website in China named Weibo, she has over 75k followers and she believes that people start looking rough only if they have not sweat out enough in their lives!

More info: Weibo (h/t)


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