Modern Parisian Apartment’s Hardwood Floor Seamlessly Doubles as a Kitchen Table

Mathurin Hardel and Cyril Le Bihan make up an architectural team based in Paris called Hardel + Lebihan Architects. The team also works on various design concepts for a number of establishments, including hotels, offices, and modern homes.

Their most recent work in Maison DDD features one notably innovative design.

modern parisian apartment

Found within a private flat in the 20th arrondissement in Paris, it features a modern minimalist design with once very unique concept – a table that seamlessly blends with the floorboards from the hardwood floor.

While this may sound like a strange and almost useless design, the layout of the apartment allows for the combination of floor and table to work quite well.

modern Parisian apartment

It involves an open plan living space that is opposite a similar kitchen space, with the former being more elevated than the latter. This allows the higher floorboards to be doubled as a sleek cantilever table in the lower kitchen level.

A small flight of stairs connects the two rooms, with the larger living space dwarfing the more compact kitchen.

We can imagine this will be quite the talking point at dinner parties in this chic apartment!

modern parisian apartment



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