You’ve Never Seen Buildings Like These Before

Victor Enrich, a Barcelonan artist/photographer tries something new. He gives unusually conceptualizes buildings that are intriguing at first sight and soon you realize they are not real. Enrich’s projects called ‘NHDK‘ and ‘City Portraits‘ contain these works. Enrich explains full of conceptualizes buildings projects ‘“NHDK” (2013) is a project that talks about the absurdity of the architectural form. In the 21st century society has witnessed how some architects have chosen a path towards eccentricity, a path that unfortunately doesn’t help in the restitution of the role that architecture played in society during previous times. To the contrary, the invasion of all sort of shapes applied to all sort of scales make some architectural projects become an invitation to realize how their designers, architects, are in fact more worried about the sculptural part rather than the functional part of their designs…’


conceptualizes buildings

‘“City portraits” (2007-2012) is a series of pictures result of a selection of a wider photographic report made during a 6 year long journey that Víctor Enrich made through central Europe and the Middle East. From among all the locations, a special mention goes to the cities of Riga (Latvia), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Munich (Germany), due to longer stays compared to the other ones that were visited. This importance of this series relies on the fact that it represents the first serious and long term experiment in Victor Enrich’s artistic career even though none of the belonging pictures were created to be part of a previously conceptualized project. Instead, each of them acted as a trigger to produce the next one. Thus, in the series it’s possible to check how, over the course of the years, the computer graphic techniques got better and better, while the conceptualization processes were basically staying the same…’


conceptualizes buildings

Tango 3

conceptualizes buildings

Tango 4

conceptualizes buildings

Manuela is getting late

conceptualizes buildings

12 ugly ducks

conceptualizes buildings


conceptualizes buildings


conceptualizes buildings



Shalom 1

52 Towers



Symptoms of Rebellion