40 Times People Share ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things

11. I Found A Pidgeon With One Feather Sticking Out Of It’s Head

mildly interestingVolmarras

12. A Vibrant And Clear Spectrum Of Colors Refracting Through My Apparently Prismatic Window Onto My Arm


13. My Girlfriend Bought Some Particular Measuring Spoons

mildly interestingChicken_Wing

14. This LEGO Set Has Loose Change In The Couch


15. This Shopping Cart Has A Magnifying Glass Attached To It

mildly interestingYamhillScrub

16. Found Band-Aids For Different Skin Tones At Target


17. Calf In The Checkout Line

mildly interestingrasta4eye

18. There Is A Free “Period Pack” At My School For Girls Who Are Unprepared For Their Periods


19. My City Has Public Defibrillation Stations And The Sign For It Looks Like A Video Game Health Bar

mildly interestingPhyierpickle

20. Septic Truck I Got Stuck Behind The Other Day