The World’s Largest Collection of Microcar Has Been Sold at An Auction.

The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum was a museum in Madison, Georgia, that had a large collection of microcars. The museum was created by Bruce Weiner, an executive of Dubble Bubble, who collected microcars as a hobby. Bruce Weiner sold the contents of his Georgia Microcar Museum in one huge auction.

“I’ve decided that the Microcar Museum has been open long enough,” Bruce said. “My interests have moved to a different place. I’m an empty nester now, and my children don’t have the same interest in microcars, so I want to see the cars all go to new homes.”

“Collecting microcars was all about the chase,” he said. “I loved that they were hard to get. You just don’t see them on every street corner, and when you do find them, you have to convince the families and long-time owners to sell them. you have to use all of your resources – not just money – to get these cars.”

All collection was auctioned off February 15-16, 2013. The top-selling price was for Lot 603, a 1958 F.M.R. Tg 500 ‘Tiger’ that sold for $322,000.

1. 1959 Scootacar MK I


2. 1959 Frisky Family Three


3. 1958 Brutsch Mopetta

4. 1959 BMW Isetta “Whatta Drag”

vintage cars

5. 1964 Peel P50


6. 1966 Peel Trident

red microcar

7. 1964 Lightburn Zeta Sports

microcar collection

8. 1955 Inter 175A Berline


9. 1951 Reyonnah

10. 1956 Avolette Record Deluxe

1950s car