37 Messy Cats Who Make Eating A Disaster

11. Caught This Guy Trying To Steal My Yogurt

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12. Someone Got Into The Spaghetti Bolognese


13. He’s A Messy Eater

messy catsscampwild

14. Give Me Mooore


15. Who Ate The Ravioli?

messy catsSmeefKweef

16. No Regrets


17. I Think My Cat Has A Drinking Problem…

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18. Caught My Old Mate Eating My Soup While I Was On The Phone. It’s More Than 10 Years Now That I Have To Pay Attention To Him Everytime I Eat. He Never Gives Up. I Love Him


19. Dijon Is Life

20. Meet Stinky Fred! He Has Chronic Constipation Issues. Yesterday, I Unblocked Him And Now He Is Feeling Good Enough To Seriously Chow Down

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