30 Menu Fails That Will Make You Surprised And Laughed

11. This Was The Image Of Choice For An Ice Cream Menu In Austria


12. This Busy Ice Cream Shop In Seattle Put Their Menu On A Mirror So It’s Impossible To Read

menu failscwithersk12s

13. “You’ll Need To Use The Flashlight On Your Phone To Read The Menu” – Waitress

menu failsaccount_user_name

14. French Restaurant Menu


15. This Picture Isn’t Blurry, That’s How The Menu Looks

menu failsMetro_Mutt

16. Top-Notch Photoshop On This Greek Menu


17. The Peas On This Menu Photo Are Photoshopped In

menu failsandrewnacho

18. An Online Menu For A Restaurant I Was Considering Eating At


19. This Menu

menu failsAC_Schnitzel

20. The Motherlode Of The 90s Nightmares