30 Menu Fails That Will Make You Surprised And Laughed

All of us like to go to a restaurant and order some nice food. Menus are maybe one of the most important parts of the restaurants. But what about menu fails? There would be such fails that sometimes it is hard to stay without laughing. Here are 30 menu fails that will make you surprised and laughed.

1. It’s On Their Menu

menu failselliotclay76

2. The Peas Are Upside Down


3. The Sushi Restaurant, That I Went To, Accidentally Put A Picture Of USB Sushi On Their Menu


4. This Seductive Duck I Found On A Menu In Vietnam, Complete With An Excellent Typo

menu failsldotchopz

5. Translated The Menu, Boss


6. This Menu


7. This “Plane” On My Airline Menu

menu failsslaytanic667

8. My Friend Is In Florence, Italy And This Restaurant He’s At Has An Assassins Creed Screenshot As Their Menu Background


9. Anyone Want Some Thai Food?

menu failsItsAllenPalin

10. Subway Salad Menu