Men Are Sharing Things That Society Considered ‘Feminine’ But They Like Them Anyway

The redditor Schright_dwute asked ‘What is something you like that is generally considered feminine or “for girls”?’ Here are some of the best responses.

1. I’m a guy with hair down to the bottom of my shoulder blades. One evening, I was hanging out with a bunch of friends when one of them decided she wanted to braid my hair. Oh my God did it feel amazing! I love the feeling of someone else playing with my hair.

girly things men MasteringTheFlames,Taylor

2. I sleep with stuffed animals. I’m a grown man. I do not care.

TheHunterZolomon,Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

3. Crying and showing strong emotion is not something I like but everyone always says “boys don’t cry” and I’m sick of that.

girly things men BlursedSV23769,Ben Hershey

4. Compliments

girly things men ShiplapTravertine,Ryan Clark

5. My wife bought me flowers today. I love it.

Etlas,Alvin Mahmudov

6. Sitting down while peeing. Much more comfortable, I dont have to worry about aim, if I get the urge to poop im already ready.


7. Ballet. I’ve always liked the look of ballet dancing, and when I was 20, after I got into amateur theatre, I started training in ballet. I’ve been very fit most of my life, I played football for 10 years, won athletics at school and I cycled everyday. Out of all the fitness training I have done over the years, Ballet is by the far the most difficult “fitness training” I have ever done, and a hell of a lot more fun than anything else.

GeneralStoic,Jonathan Battistella

8. Hand cream. Whenever there’s some in a bathroom I’m definitely going for that. Makes for soft awesome-smelling hands and finger joints that don’t look like tree bark.

baldbychoice,Mathilde Langevin

9. I do enjoy tea parties with little cookies.

Sekret_One,Suhyeon Choi

10. Skincare! Using basic toner, moisturizer, and sun screen. It has long been considered ‘girly’ to do these but it leads to interesting conversations with girls! Also it feels good to have a routine before bed and taking care of my skin!

EpikTin,The Creative Exchange