Meet the GIF Artist Turning His Dreams into Cinemagraphs

You will be surprised to look at some of the most incredible crafts based on the street art and scenes of life by A L Crego Crafts. They have their own way of creating these GIFs and it has become an instant hit among people who have an eye towards art. Crego started with creative GIFs while he decided to add a different dimension altogether for urban graffiti, that are situated all over Spain.

He says that the results have actually been surprising and usually, people are used to watching motionless photos. However, with this, he realizes that it is one of a kind and totally unexpected by people who see it.

Although he cannot change what is already there in the streets, he can definitely give it a different dimension when he is working on it on virtual methods. With his work, he thinks that he is animating the walls of the internet.

As of now, Crego has come up with series that are not just confined to street art. There will be different types of artworks by Crego and you will definitely not miss giving it a second look when you look at it!

Via The Creators Project