This Adorable Pig Looks Like A Sheep And Is As Tame As A Dog

Come see the Mangalista pig, which is a highly adorable animal. Scientifically, this animal is a kid, but it looks furry and appears like a sheep. You might want to have it as a house pet, looking at how adorable it is. Humans have started calling it a sheep-pig as it has a close resemblance. With all the features it bears, it appears to be a lovely and adorable pet.


Sadly, this breed was about to face extinction and it disappears from its native land. After 1989, when the last wall of Berlin fell, the famous animal geneticist, Peter Toth, went ahead and purchased all the remaining Mangalista pigs so that he could rescue them. Due to his commendable efforts, these adorable creatures are alive!

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pig-sheepDalby Farm


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