Man with a golden heart saves 450 dogs as he did not want them to suffer

In a sanctuary based in Serbia, a man was able to rescue 450 homeless dogs and they are now running around and playing together due to the kindness of this man. Meet Sasa Pejcic, who could not accept it that street dogs around him were suffering and did not want them to die in the hands of dogcatchers.

He started nursing the maximum number of dogs he could and started a shelter for them. Luckily, the dogs got all the love and care that they required and they were able to sleep in soft beds in the night. They also love to play with Sasa and enjoy his company.

The Harmony Fund supports his work and Laura Simpson from the Harmony Fund told that in this setup, the dogs just be themselves and enjoy doing nothing. The way this dog shelter works is mainly on donations and it has turned out to be a dog paradise: all thanks to the efforts of Sasa, without whom it would ever have been possible. If you wish to donate, you can navigate to their donation page and do the needful.

Watch a video of life at the shelter below:

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