Dog Who Turned To Stone Never Knew She Could Be Loved So Much

Last year outside of Athens, Greece, a stray dog with a hardened face was discovered by a woman passing by him. She took a picture of the dog and published it to her Facebook page because she was hoping someone would find the dog and help her. The dog looked to be sick and afraid of all people. In fact, it seemed like the dog had never been around people before. Anytime someone came near her, she would run away. This made it difficult to rescue her from the streets but her rescuers were determined to save her. They were eventually able to take her to an animal shelter called “Save a Greek Stray,” which is located in Oropos, Greece.


When the dog was taken to the shelter, it was immediately clear to the staff that the dog needed to be rehabilitated. After an examination, the dog was found to have painful lesions and scabs on her skin from infection. This was why she looked like a stone on the outside. The dog, given the name “Petra,” was cleaned up and rehabilitated over time. It took a while for Petra to want to leave her cage and interact with people and other animals, but she eventually did. Now Petra is a happy, healthy dog that looks totally different than when she was first discovered on the streets. All she needs is a home to take her in.