Dogs Who Lost Their Home Can’t Stop Cuddling In The Shelter

Who doesn’t love an adorable rescue story, right?  Well get ready to pull out the sob story tissues, cuz this one is a tear jerker.  It’s the story of CC and Chewbacca, two dogs at a shelter who love each other so much, they can’t be taken apart from each other.  They’re definitely an unlikely pair with one being a large sized dog and the other one being small, but they’re a cute couple that you can’t help but smile at.

So, take a look at their photos.  They sleep one on top of the other and they will always be working hard to make sure that they are right next to each other in everything that they do.  They do not like being separated and they always sit next to each other and then CC on top of Chewbacca in their cage.  There’s no question that when it comes time for them to find their home, it’s going to have to be together, because you can ever imagine splitting up this pair of cuties?  They’re simply too sweet to be separated and everyone starts to think that they would die without each other.  At any rate, these dogs are adorable and we are all hoping that they will find a loving home with the perfect set of humans sooner rather than later.  They’ll keep each other company in the meantime, though and in proper loving fashion, too.








This bonded pair was adopted together! Their new family includes two other dogs and three pigs.