Man Discovers 14th-Century Church Façade While Renovating His House

Juan Francisco León Catena, a resident of Ubeda, Spain, discovered a relief from the Renaissance while renovating his house. He started the work with a wall in his attic when he understood that something was going on. Then, the demolishing work continued with the floor until an 11 meters tall structure appeared. So, he immediately contacted a company specialized in historical heritage. The experts stated that the structure was part of the façade of the old Church of the Blessed Sacrament of Ubeda which was built in 1347.

Man Discovers 14th-Century façade
Juan Francisco León Catena in front of his discovery by Alberto Román

Juan also informed the municipality as this accidental archaeological find should earn him an award according to the Law of Historic Heritage in the Spanish constitution. However, this caused the suspension of the renovation, and the owner has been waiting for the awards for four years now. He plans to turn the house into a public place like a restaurant so that everyone can enjoy it. Nevertheless, the municipality ordered not to touch anything until the explorations are complete.

Man Discovers 14th-Century façade
Alberto Román
3D reconstruction of the façade of the old Church of the Blessed Sacrament of Ubeda. Photo credit: JuanFran León Catena
JuanFran León Catena