Loving Swan Reunites With Partner, And It’s Magical

There are so many reasons why swans are one of the most magnificent creatures inhabiting the planet Earth. Their form exudes such elegance, they almost look too fragile. Also, there is something magical about their being. We have worshipped them for so long, they have even found a special place in our folklore, the magical swan that has the ability to turn into a beautiful girl, ring any bells?

Swans are also a sign of love. They grace the face of almost every Valentine’s Day love card, and there is a perfectly good reason why. Imagine a pair of swans, sitting on the surface of a serene lake during spring, gliding through the sweltering hot evenings in summer, having their heads bent towards each other on a chilly autumn morning, hiding from the cold of the winter.

Swans make the perfect couples. When we think of them we think of fidelity, we think of everlasting love. The reason for this is because swans mate for life. They choose one partner and they follow them around for all eternity. In this video, we can see a swan couple reuniting together after being a few weeks apart. They are so happy they start twirling around each other and the only word to explain this is simply magical.