Brand new drawing by Leonardo da Vinci discovered and it costs a whopping $16 Million!

Have you ever realized that an old family possession might eventually turn into a precious and multi-million dollar piece of art even before you could have realized? Something similar happened when a retired French doctor came up with 14 unframed drawinfs that he had purchased at Paris’ Tajan auction house. Eventually, it got noticed by Thaddee Prate, who is a director of old master pictures.

Although the painting was lying there for a while, the 7.5” by 5” drawing was not any ordinary painting and it was painted by the great Leonardo da Vinci himself. Patrick de Bayser, who is an independent art dealer based out of Paris, observed that it was painted by a left-handed artist and in the back of the drawing, he observed that there were two scientific drawings. It was only then that he realized that it belonged to the Renaissance period and it belonged to none other than Leonardo da Vinci, and it was proved by the expert Carmen C Bambach herself, who is a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. You can have a look at the world famous painting by scrolling down. Feel free to share this with your friends and dear ones.

A new masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci is discovered.

Retro of the Leonardo da Vinci drawing, which includes scientific sketches and text in Renaissance Italian.

The New York Times

All images via Tajan.