Learn More of Puppy Breeds

Dogs are known as a man’s best friend for centuries. They perform several roles everyday in the community and at home. Some of them are good companions, shepherds, hunters, guards, protector and a lot more. Now, there are varieties of dog breeds to choose from.

If you wanted to raise it staring at their tender age, then you should consider buying a puppy breeds. You need to be ready since this dog is not easy to maintain or to take care of, they will need professional touch that ordinary people cannot provide. This could be exiting but expensive as well since they also need regular monitoring of your chosen veterinarian.

Below are the lists of ten well-known puppy breed that will truly capture everyone’s heart:

English Bulldog

This is also known as British Bulldog were in the breed originated from England with a very bloody past. They are commonly noticed for their chubbiness, short body and wrinkles. Known for being so attached, dependable and affectionate animal to their master. These dogs are very gentle when it comes to kids, known for being so loving, courage and excellence in guarding abilities. Breed which is described to be very persistent and does not easily gives up.


Australian Shepherd

Aussie is their second named, a rustic, well balanced, robust and medium sized dog. They ate very easy going, laid back and remains to act as puppy like even if they reach their adult years. A perfect home watch dog, excellent even with active children since them loves to play. Dog breed that is devoted, lively, affectionate, attentive, agile, eager to please due to their six senses. They can easily be trained due to their high intelligence.


Yorkshiere Terrier or Yorkie

A toy sized type of dog that seems to be so unconscious of their small figure. This small dog is very eager of adventure, highly energetic, loyal, clever and brave. Perfect human companion especially to those who knows how to handle and understand proper treatment for small sized dogs.


Maltese Lion Dog

They ate playful lively, high spirited, gentle, trusting, loving and very devoted to their masters. Can easily learn several trick due to high intelligence. In case of any suspicious noises, they are quick and bold in turning the alarm.


German Shepherd

These are the type of dog which is very strong and well proportioned. They have muscular, sturdy, slightly extended body with light but solid bone composition. Commonly used as working dog since they are faithful, alert, brave, fearless, keen and courageous.