Leading Scientists Predicts that Unexpected Apocalypse Is Nearby

A popular British Scientist named Dame Sally Davies has warned the world about an increase in antibiotic-immune bacteria. She believes that ten million people will be killed each year because drugs will not be able to save them from the bacteria.

Davies is the chief medical officer of the United Kingdom. She believes that a quick worldwide action must be taken or else modern medicine will come to an end. Doctors will no longer be able to treat patients with antibiotics if they have antibiotic-immune bacteria inside of them.

leading scientist warns postantibiotic apocalypseDame Sally Davies is chief medical officer, effectively the highest-ranking doctor in the UK. Flickr/NHS Confederation.

Studies from the Center for Disease Control show that a minimum of two million Americans already has this infection. Out of these people, a minimum of 23,000 of them end up dead each year from it. Around the world, there are about 700,000 per year dying from the bacteria. Davies believes that 30 years from now, the global rate of death from bacteria will be ten million per year. Apparently, there are more bacteria in this world that is learning to become resistant to antibiotics. That is why the death rate will increase.

leading scientist warns postantibiotic apocalypse

Davies wants to encourage patients to stop urging their doctors to prescribe them antibiotics. There is already a trend of British doctors who are not prescribing antibiotics because they are trying to stop new strains of this type of bacteria from being formed. They will only prescribe antibiotics when it is absolutely necessary for the patient to get better. Patients with mere viruses or colds should not be prescribed antibiotics because it will not help their condition anyway.

via iflscience