30 Funny Photos Of Cats Acting Like The Biggest Jerks To Dogs

21. My Dog Is Scared Of The Cat And She Knows It


22. He Pretends To Be Nice To The Dog, But He’s Really Just A Jerk


23. My Dog Is Stuck Because The Cat Knows She Controls The Stairs


24. Louie Is Begging Me, With His Eyes, To Make Allie Move


25. My Cat Thinks He’s A Dog. And My Dog Is Unamused


26. My Idiot Cat Performing A Sneak Attack On My Poor Senior Dog

jerk cats rigiied

27. My Dog Is A Saint, Cat Not So Much

cats vs dogscarsnay

28. Our Cat Urinated In Our Dog’s Water Bowl. Guess It’s A Payback For The Dog Eating The Cat’s Food


29. Found An Old Series Of Pictures From When My Dog And Cat First Met. It Did Not Go Well For My Dog

cats vs dogsmarko601

30. Caught My Cat In The Act Of Definitely Not Trying To Smother My Dog