30 Interesting & Perspective-Changing Maps People Shared

11. The Easternmost Point Of Brazil Is Closer To Africa Than To Its Westernmost Point

interesting mapsThessiz

12. Existence Of Pangaea Proven With Evidence Of Similar Fossils Across Continents


13. Closer To Paris Or To London?

interesting mapsatlasova

14. After Tokyo 2020 This Map Remains The Same. All Men’s Water Polo Gold Medal Winners Since 2000 Were Born Inside This Circle


15. Countries That Have Yet To See True Temperature Extremes

interesting mapsjack_urian

16. Variations Of The Given Name “Paul”


17. Land Reclamation In The Netherlands

interesting mapsWrub229

18. Butter Or Olive Oil? Based On Actual Per Capita Consumption


19. Europe If The Sea Level Rose 100m

interesting mapsoneletterh

20. Share Of Young People Aged 25 -34 Living With Parents