Giant Minion Causes Traffic Chaos In Ireland

Death by minion. Drivers in Ireland were shocked with their commute was interrupted by a giant inflatable minion that was floating around on the loose after it escaped from its moorings and took a roll down the street. Imagine, driving to work with no care in the world, only to see a giant smiling minion rolling down the street, heading straight for you car?! It would scare majority of us, even if it was simply made of air. No one was hurt in this rampage, though one driver did lose a side mirror. The police stepped onto the scene shortly after the minion’s escape and safely deflated it so that no one else would have to lose any mirrors or face impending minion-related doom. The question on everyone’s mind, is “how did the minion escape?” Well, we all know from the movies that minions are tricky little buggers who do whatever they want to do. Who knows, perhaps he wanted to have a party with his friends, or go see a movie or something…minion on the loose!

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“I’m not sure how it got loose but I just saw it… flying across the road,” said witness Erin

minion despicable traffic ireland

Erin Van Londen

Before the accident, the 33-ft Minion was spotted being inflated behind bars

minion despicable traffic irelandRachel

Unfortunately, the bars (and his moorings) couldn’t keep him caged…

minion despicable traffic irelandErin Van Londen

The minion escaped and spread chaos in the Santry area of North Dublin

minion despicable traffic irelandErin Van Londen

The road rampage caused no injuries, but one driver got his side mirror knocked off

minion despicable traffic irelandErin Van Londen

Luckily, the police were just in time to stop him from causing more trouble

minion despicable traffic irelandErin Van Londen

World domination will have to wait

minion despicable traffic irelandErin Van Londen

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