30 Amazing Pics Of Indoor Gardens

21. This green-laden staircase that I would follow anywhere.

Indoor Gardensthe_swearing_gardener

22. This sun-drenched lounge room blurs the boundaries between outdoors and in.


23. This exceptionally stylish bedroom that has perfectly complimented their flora with the furnishings.


24. This kitchen shelfie proves plants > pots and pans.


25. This incredible restaurant experience where they could literally serve me plain bread on a plate and I’d still rate it 5-stars.


26. This beautiful bathtub where I would happily sit until the water became ice cold.

Indoor Gardenthekwendyhome

27. And this living room from the same house, which is the definition of fort-building goals.


28. This overgrown lounge room would deliver some seriously calming energy.


29. And finally, this exceptional home that fuses amazing artwork, with good old fashion greenery.