30 Amazing Pics Of Indoor Gardens

11. This crisp, white and lime-green aesthetic, which I’d happily move into today — if it was guaranteed to come with the dog.


12. This inspired use of floor-to-ceiling windows.


13. This meandering pot of ivy which has probably travelled further than I have this year.


14. This painfully lovely bathroom, which I want for myself more than anything else in life.

Indoor Gardensbiodara

15. This musical corner with plenty of leafy inspiration.

Indoor Gardenscoffeeinmyjungle

16. This minimalist bedroom that’s made the most of its hanging space.

Indoor Gardencubehousejungle

17. This amazingly lush house that may or may not also be a plant nursery?

Indoor Gardena_londoners_urban_jungle

18. This home with dreamy high-ceilings that are perfect for hanging plants from.

Indoor Garden


19. This picture-perfect corner that you could sit in for hours.

Indoor Gardenleaves.and.bones

20. Plus this amazing living space in the same house, which I’m head-over-heels for.

Indoor Gardenleaves.and.bones