Incredibly Fluffy Ragdoll Cat Resembles a Giant Cuddly Cotton Ball

The absolutely adorable Sky the Ragdoll cat is perhaps one of the fluffiest cats ever captured on camera – he looks like is made from nothing but fluff!

Lovably lazy, which is little surprise given how comfortable all the fuzz looks, Sky has piercing blue eyes that only help to further enhance his already photogenic looks!

As per his Instagram page: “I make lazy look good.”

It’s hard to disagree with that sentiment, and you can check out countless adorable snaps of Sky on his popular Instagram account. Each photo comes with a witty comment that makes him even more lovable.

For instance, a recent image came with the caption: “Being active is fine but bed is better.”

Wise words Sky, wise words…

Here’s Sky after a bath, which gives you an idea of just how fluffy he really is:

> Sky the Ragdoll: Instagram