Adorable Pics Of Snow Leopards Who Love Biting Their Fluffy Tails

Snow Leopards have huge fluffy tails between 80 to 105 cm. They are mainly used to help them balance, also, they wrap their fluffy tails around their noses to protect themselves from cold in their natural habitat. Check out these huge cats who love nomming their fluffy tails!

Snow Leopardstheweaselking

Snow Leopardssmileybears

Andreas Richter

Snow LeopardsJB Baskin

Snow Leopardsimgur

Snow Leopardsimgur

Snow LeopardsTerrie K

Snow Leopards love their tails

Paul Wiggin

leopard fluffy tailsMartinus Scriblerus

Snow Leopards love their tails

leopards love their tailsTiefenschaerfe

leopards love their tailsSujit Mahapatra