Photographer Recreates Iconic Portraits Using John Malkovich as His Model

The American photographer Sandro Miller has teamed up with an actor to recreate one of the most famous actors, John Malkovich. The actor agreed upon the condition with Sandro Miller to give life of these famous portraits that are captured in the history.  They both worked in taking these pictures to some reasons. These project that they both worked in entitled as “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homepage to Photographic Masters.”

Sandro Miller, Philippe Halsman / Salvador Dalí (1954), 2014

Iconic Portrait Photos

Who is Sandro Miller?

Sandro Miller is a famous advertising photographer in the industry.  He began his career at the age of 16 and continues until three more decades. He becomes one of the most leading photographers why he became successful in his chosen career.

Sandro Miller, Victor Skrebneski / Bette Davis (1971), Los Angeles Studio, 2014

Iconic Portrait Photos

Aside from his beloved career which is photography,   he also creates his personal projects including the special project he made with John Malkovich.  Miller has his long-time friend   during late 1990s while shooting the photographs for Steppenwolf in Chicago (John Malkovich became a member in this theatre too during the year of 1976).

Sandro Miller, Albert Watson / Alfred Hitchcock with Goose (1973), 2014

Iconic Portrait Photos

The project as a collaboration of Miller with John started during the year of 2003. This was because he wants to give a tribute for the photographers who became his inspiration and shaped him into the world of photography.

Sandro Miller, Andy Warhol / Self Portrait (Fright Wig) (1986), 2014

Iconic Portrait Photos

He actually selected 35 iconic photos and enlisted these with the help of John Malkovich. He even said to Catherine Edelman Gallery at Chicago that John Malkovich is the most prolific and brilliant person that he knows. He even said that he is blessed enough to have him as his friend and as a collaborator as well.

Sandro Miller, Gordon Parks / American Gothic, Washington, D.C. (1942), 2014

Iconic Portrait Photos

The photographic and editing skills of Miller and the acting skills of Malkovich are given emphasis because of this project.  The photographs are really deceiving and you will surely believe that it is one of the photographs originally taken before.

Sandro Miller, Yousuf Karsh / Ernest Hemingway (1957), 2014

Iconic Portrait Photos

The Migrant Mother

The Migrant Mother was taken during the year of 1936. The Migrant Mother original photograph was taken by Dorothea Lange.  If you are going to look at the first picture they have taken and tried to portray which is the Migrant Mother, you will be able to realize that the woman in the frame is not Florence Owens Thompsons which is the woman in the original image. You will then realize the real difference of the original image than the taken photo for trying to make the similarities when you get closer into it.

Sandro Miller, Dorothea Lange / Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California (1936), 2014

Iconic Portrait Photos

You can be deceived by the picture if especially if you will not learn well the image if which is the real and if which is not. Once you get nearer or look at it closely, you will be able to notice how it resembles to the actor and that is John Malkovich.