How To Trap A Cat In 3 Easy Steps

This cute cat’s still wondering how he got trapped into this circle when his owner revealed the 3 easy steps to tricking a cat!

Trap A Cat

Naturally, cats will never want to do as you said, due to their own missions which they love to live by. However, there is a way you can trick them to do your will. On Reddit, it’s called “Trick Your Cat With A Circle,” and entails just making a circle using a thick tape, or anything, and wait for the kitty to come prowl over it.

Trap A Cat
Though, this may sound odd/silly, cat owners discovered that their cats fall for this trick every time. All thanks to the internet, via social media cat lovers have been conducting a little psychology test on fancy lab, sans and cats. All of which are noting same character in the cats. Just form a circle and kitty cats will come over. You may publicize the masking tape while calling out your furry cat to try this experiment yourself. Here’s how it works:

Trap A Cat
Step 1: Setting the circle, or hexagon trap.

Ever noticed how much cats derive pleasure in a nice snug space to settle? They like hiding beneath sofas and under the beds, places that humans generally feel downright claustrophobic hanging out. Don’t ask why, it’s a natural phenomenon that cats find comfort in such tight crevices, that is where they feel hidden and safe for them to take their desired long cat nap. I sensed that the success of this cat trapping trick is related to their psychology.

Trap A Cat
Step 2: Await your kitty to locate your enclosed shape. Otherwise you lure them over if you can’t wait.

Trap A Cat

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