20 Year Old Cat, Dexter, Finds New Home And Has So Much Love To Give

When people go to a shelter or plan to adopt an animal they look for a young cat that they can live with for years.  This results in many older cats staying at shelters until they are either put down or live out the remainder of their life.  When Jill Williams went to the shelter to adopt a cat they were looking for a young cat that their kids could enjoy for years.  Their choice though was shocking and it was the right one. When mother Jill saw Dexter, a 20 year old cat with multiple health problems, something clicked.  She fell in love with the cat right away.  She knew that if she didn’t adopt Dexter, he probably wouldn’t go home with anyone while all of the younger cats would.  She worried though, at home she had two boys and three dogs, all full of energy. It turns out all that worrying was pointless though.  As soon they brought Dexter home he fit right in.  The elderly cat loved Jill’s sons.  Regularly the cat cuddles with its new people and rubs against them.  As for the dogs, that’s another love story.  Dexter absolutely loves the family’s dogs.  Dexter even plays with them occasionally. The Williams family shares this story not in hopes that you will feel anything towards their family but so that you know that every cat deserves a home, not just the young an agile.  There is only so much a shelter can do to make their business a home.  It was surely the love of the Williams that brought out Dexter’s love and kindness. The morale behind this story is never judge a book by its cover or a cat by its age.  You never know when you might be giving a loving animal a forever home.

Via: Best Friends Animal Society | Facebook

Dexter cuddling with his best friend in his forever home.



He can’t get enough of snuggles with his little humans.


He also loves his doggie friends and gives them a lot of snuggles too.



He is a super-senior cat and has so much love to give.


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