One Firm’s Amazing Idea to Re-Purpose Old Buses in Hawaii to Help the Homeless

70 International is an architecture firm with a bold and brilliant idea – to convert old buses in Hawaii into various homeless shelters. As they would when they took passengers, the buses are planned to work in fleets around Hawaii, were each one will have a different use to help homeless people. Everything needed to help the homeless could be found on one of the various buses, which will be re-designed into likes of living spaces, recreation rooms and showers. Even better is that the firm aims to get the work done in an affordable and simple manner, meaning that the buses can be fitted by volunteers. May Ry Kim who belongs to the group explains the idea of the design, “is based on the premise that you could walk in to a hardware store, buy everything you need in one go and build everything with no trade skills,” All of the materials along with the buses will be donated, and the volunteer group LIFT will help with the projects. They even hope to have two buses completed by the end of the summer.

More info: (h/t: inhabitat)

Up to 70 retired buses in Hawaii will be converted into homeless shelters

hawaii bus shelter homeless

Volunteers will strip the interior and renovate using donated material

hawaii bus shelter homeless

The buses will function as a mobile fleet

hawaii bus shelter homeless

Some will be used for living spaces, others for showers, and others yet as recreation rooms

hawaii bus shelter homeless

The project hopes to renovate two buses by the end of the summer

hawaii bus shelter homeless

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