This Homeless Poodle Just Realized She’s Being Rescued. Her Reaction Is The Sweetest Thing Ever.

An organization called Rescue From The Heart was called in to rescue a poodle after she was hit by a speeding car in South Los Angeles. Annie Hart, who received the call, the rescue request was forwarded to Hope For Paws. They worked together to rescue the poodle and rushed to the spot, to ensure that the poodle was safe. When they arrived at the spot, they saw her hunched and lying on the side of a busy road. Although she was having a tough time to even breathe, she did something amazing that touched the heart of rescuers and made them cry. Watch the video and you would end up in tears after watching the reaction of the poodle. Her name is Layla and you would feel very sorry about how such an adorable poodle ended up in such a condition.