Rare Photos That Will Destroy Everything You Knew about The Past II

The MGM Lion

The MGM lion shows everyone’s favorite lion. This lion is the forefront of many classic movies and television shows we love today. An interesting note is that there have bene at least 7 lions throughout MGM using them as logos. All that stood between them and the lion were a few crates.

the mgm lion

Bill And Steve

Bill and Steve show Bill Gates and Steve Jobs talking about their love of computers. They were good friends who laughed and made jokes all the time, and neither knew just how big of a legacy they would leave in the world.

bill gates and steve jobs

Times Square 1911

Times Square 1911 shows Times Square in a different time. It’s hard to imagine the amount of space in Times Square when compared to now, but back then there was much more room to walk around.

times square

William Harley Arthur Davidson

William Harley Arthur Davidson shows the pioneers behind the motorcycles people love to drive today. It shows them on their first twin cylinder bike that would begin a revolution for years to come.

william harley arthur davidson

Bill Clinton Meets JFK

Bill Clinton meets JFK shows Bill Clinton meeting John F. Kennedy, and it was actually a very beautiful moment. Bill Clinton was a high school student and was able to meet John F. Kennedy while he was in the American Legion Boys Nation. This was one of the defining moments that led to Bill Clinton running for president.

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bill clinton meets jfk