Before Smartphones When Kids Had Real Fun

1. Girl Playing For Her Dog


2. Children In A Manchester Street Find Their Own Enjoyment With The Aid Of A Rope And A Lamp Post, 1946


3. Children Playing “Push The Peanut”, King’s Cross Street London, 1938

historical-children-playing-photographyWilliam Vanderson

4. Best Friends

5. Girl Dancing In Front Of Her Teddy Bear, Paris, 1961

historical-children-playing-photographyPhilippe le Tellier

6. Two Little Kids Dancing On The Streets Of New York City, 1940s

historical-children-playing-photographyHelen Levitt

7. Paul Remos, A Circus Strongman, Hoists His Son Up In The Air Using Only His Right Arm To Feed A Giraffe At The London Zoo, 1950s


8. Three Boys Are Fishing For Change During The Great Depression, New York, 1930



9. Even The Dog Gets A Go On This See-Saw, Northamptonshire

historical-children-playing-photographyGetty Images

10. Kids Playing With Skippy Balls, London


11. Child Hung Up On A Clothing Rope, Paris